Disney World Florida!

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Doing Disney World Florida with 2 children age 5 and 14 months! Some may think i am crazy but i tell you all now, this mama is 100% sane!!

Being a huge huge disney fan, we just love Disney. It is our ‘Special Place”. Trying to persuade Andre was another thing though. Although he has been converted to the ‘Disney Life’, he didn’t quite fancy it with our latest addition! However, in July 2016, Andre fell ill with appendicitis and ended up having them dramatically taken out. I’m pretty sure they may have given him a lobotomy of some sort as when he arrived home he agreed to get it booked. As i lost my dad, i’m a firm believer in “life is too short’, and i’ve always been a live for the moment type of girl. If i have £1 left il find a way to spend it on something fun! I want to be able to enjoy every minute of my boys growing up, i want to create fun memories for them of us as a family and most importantly, i wanted to have quality time with my 3 boys for 2 weeks just me and them. And where else better to do this?

Some people made some snide comments along the lines of “Isn’t Forrest too young for Disney?” and “Don’t you think you should wait till he is older and he can remember it” and Blah Blah Blah bloody Blah!! For those that know me, know that most things go in one ear and out another and these comments certainly did. If i want to be that loon of a mum who chooses to torture myself on a plane for 9 hours then i will. And i was, let me tell you!! I’ve been to Disney 4 times now and i truly believe there is no right or wrong age to go! It’s the most magical place in the world and it really is for all ages.

Anyway, i got in contact with Rebecca from Virgin Holidays at House of Fraser in Nottingham. She really is the best. We booked all out disney holidays through her, even our wedding and she never fails to disappoint with amazing deals and amazing hotels. I’d highly recommend her people. She sorted us out with a cracking deal and before we knew it, our holiday was paid for and we had booked 2 weeks in the Grand Hyatt Regency Cypress in Orlando. The next 10 months dragged, with our Disney trip so close, but oh so far away. I spent the those months spending all my money on ridiculous Disney themed outfits for the boys. I think i ended up with 22 for 14 days holiday! Oppps! I shall be posting a blog about where to buy the best outfits from, especially for those Disney freak parents like moi. So check for the one to follow as there are some fabulous shops to get them from!!

May arrived and we were all so so excited!! I even purchased myself some Sleeping beauty customised Converse for the occasion from Belle Bling Sparkle and had my nails pained Auora themed, much to the Chinese nail technicians dismay. In my head i was super cool and down with the trends, but as Andre keeps reminding me, down with the kids, as in the 5 year kids, and apparently thats not cool when you 29. But thats something we have to agree to disagree on.

On Tuesday 20th we arrived at Manchester Airport, so super organised it scared me slightly. We opted for Purple Parking so we were able to drive right up the doors and someone took our car and parked it for us. I would highly recommend this when you have 3 suitcase about 120 items of hand luggage, 2 children, a pushchair and an Andre. We checked in and got the old “Mr Mahjouri you have been selected for a random security check”. Yeah right!! With a last originating from Syria, we always seem to be selected for a random security check!! We obviously breezed through that, although Andre always is quite sheepish wondering how far the security check will go, worrying he might be fisted my some huge scary security guard. Sadly he hasn’t ever had the pleasure of that yet. Anyway, walking to duty free i say to Andre, “Gosh, this has been so good, it hasn’t been stressful at all and we’re so organised!” Andre agrees and weirdly suggests we have some pre-holiday treats in duty free (the Appendix Lobotomy thing again!) and i obviously take full advantage of this and fill his basket with Chanel.  Just then a loud announcement shouted, “COULD MRS MAHJOURI PLEASE COME TO SECURITY!” (although it was pronounced ‘Marjory”) What total idiot leaves their Mulberry handbag on the security belt with all passports, flight tickets, american dollars, bank cards, iPads, mobile phones etc etc. Me, of course, thats who!! Obviously it was 100% Andre’s fault. Anyway, i raced back, mainly because without the passports we couldn’t buy the goodies from duty free anyway. So i ran. I ran fast. Anyone who knows me knows that this would be hilarious to watch, mainly because i run like a duck with my feet turned out and my arms straight like i’m in a straight jacket. Anyway, knowing that everyone was laughing at this weird woman in Sleeping Beauty Converse looking like some deranged duck in a jumpsuit, i still ran, not for any other reason other than I was worried Andre might change his mind about my chanel goodies. Thankfully he didn’t. Probably because he treated himself to about 1345 bottles of aftershave.

We boarded the plane with no problem. We looked like the perfect family, all smiles, the kids looking angelic and smiley with their super cringe Disney airplane t-shirts on. This obviously came all crashing down when the plane doors shut and there was no turning back. Who’s idea was it to go on an 8 hour flight with chucky?! Andre! What i failed to mention was, when Andre agreed to go to Orlando, it was on the understanding that i took full responsibility of said demon child on the flight. If ever i’ve eaten my words, this was one of those moments. Every bribe i could think of was thrown at Andre, but he was quite happily enjoying the perks of Premium Class and was teaching River to Play computer games. They give you this weird seat belt for babies. You literally have to strap them onto you. Its horrific. I mean, i don’t really want him sat on me at all let alone strapped to me! The take off only lasted around 12 minutes but believe me it felt like 24 hours. But on a good note, by the time we were cruising through the clouds, Forrest was asleep!! I made him a little bed and for the next 4 hours that was him!! Heaven!! I 150% took full advantage of the endless supplies of Gin & Tonic and by the time he woke, i was a little tipsy to even notice he was a pain in the arse. To be fair to the poor kid, he wasn’t actually too bad, we just walked the length of the plane about 35 times to keep him entertained, sadly i didn’t get off the plane 1 stone lighter. He made friends with an oldish man sat in front of us, who was obviously as bored as Forrest as he spent at least an hour playing peek-boo and singing songs to him extremely loudly and out of tune. But it kept him entertained so to me he sounded like the next Ed Sheeran. The staff on the flight were great. They took a shine to the boys and complimented on how well behaved they were. This made me super proud, although i did wonder if this was code for, “Now get the F*** off the plane with your demon child!” Any air hostess friends please let me know on that one!

We got our bags quickly and in one piece and headed for our car. Andre asked for a huge pimped our Tahoe and was like a pig in shit driving in. Short Man Syndrome. We arrived at the hotel and was truly amazed by it. It was just the best hotel we’ve ever stayed at in Orlando. 10 out of 10 for the Majorys. ha! They had a pet parrot in reception called  Merlo that was most definitely cleverer than me. He became part of our daily routine when passing the Lobby. Even Forrest would shout “Hiya” to the little red fluff ball and they both found it highly hilarious when he squawked “Hiya” back.

I defiantly turned into that crazed Disney freak mum i always vowed i would never be, i had pre booked lots of restaurants in disney and used Excel to draw up a daily itinerary for us. Any mums planning a Disney trip, this really is a huge must!! If you want a peek at our itinerary, pop me a comment and il happily forward it to you! We got the balance just right this time. We split our disney days out with days at the hotel with a spot of shopping early evening. We were so lucky as our hotel had 3 pools, splash pads, a lake and beach with endless water sports, a running track, a golf course, a driving range, bike hire, kids club etc etc. So a day at the pool was exactly like a beach holiday! We tried lots of disney restaurant which i shall add to my “How To Do Disney” Blog.

We spent the next 14 days in total Disney heaven. We did the bibbidi bobbidi boutique, had Forrests first hair cut at harmonys barber, ate at the top of the disney castle at Cinderellas Royal Table for our 2nd Anniversary, shopped, sun bathed, shopped, ate, shopped, lazed round the pool, shopped, ate, visited all the parks, shopped, ate. You get the gist.

We went to Orlando end of June and I have to say the weather was boiling hot! Reached 42 some days. Sometimes this was hard work, especially with a baby but we found some Disney hacks which certainly helped!! These are –

  1. A Disney world must spray fan!! These can be brought at every Disney park and cost just under $25. Although the cost seems expensive, believe me it’s worth every penny!

2. A Chill it’s cooling towel which can be brought at Walmart in Florida for around $10 and is well worth the Money! You basically, rinse the towel in cool water and place it into the plastic container. This activates the Gell which stays really really cold and is so uselful to place over your head or on your shoulders to cool you down. We used this on Forrest in the pushchair to cool him down especially whilst napping!!

3. If you, like us, have a child in a pushchair then I can cannot recommend buying a Bug boo Bee Stroller. They are most definitely the queen of strollers and unlike most strollers they recline completely flat, meaning they can sleep well, especially when bed time hits and your still living the Disney dream! It’s also so easy to push which makes it less hard work in the heat!!

4. If you have an additional young child with you and have a bugaboo the Bugaboo comfort board is a complete life saver! We took this with us and it helped so much with River. When the heat was too much or he was overly hot, he took a rest in the shade on this! Also, sat on this along with an iPad kept him entertained in long queues.

5. This Pura insulated Cup from Kidly was also a great buy! We brought one in blue for both boys and filled it up with fresh bottled water each evening and placed it in the fridge over night!! It kept freezing cold for around 8 hours and was great for cooling them down in the Heat! We also refilled this was ice cold bottled water through out the day. As believe me, drinks in plastic water turn warm within minutes in the heat and unless you want to take out a small mortgage jut for refreshments when your over there then these really are the way forward for smaller children who can’t physically finish a whole bottle of water in go!

6. Aveeno hydrosport sun spray is thee nicest sun cream ever!! I find some sun creams make children sticker, sweaty and easily agitated. This suncream is an aerosol and literally dries and is so weightless on your skin. I can not recommend this product enough!

Whilst at Disney we attended all the Disney parks as we had the Disney hopper passes! The parks include –

Magic kingdom


Animal kingdom

Hollywood studios

Blizzard Beach

Typhoon Lagoon

All of which are equally as amazing and magical. My ultimate favourite is Magic Kingdom. It’s just something else.

The holiday came and went. And we truly cherished all 14 days. It was believe it or not, stress free, full of smiles and love and we had the best time. We are the ultimate Dianny family. We wear the badges, we wear the hats and ears, we dance, we sing the song, we live every disney minute!

Being a complete Disney freak and slowly but surly turning into a Disney World Pro, I am

Currently sat reading Visit Florida online dreaming one day of becoming a blogger for them and looking at planning our 2019 trip to Disney World Florida (although I haven’t told Andre yet as I’ve woked our it’s best to book them tell).

Disney World is our families happy place.

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them” – Walt Disney

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