Hello From Wonderland

Hello Hello Hello!
My first ever blog post! So before we get down to the good stuff, here is little bit about me and my tribe! I’m Alexandra Mahjouri (was Groome) I’m 28 years of age and live in lovely Derby UK. I live with my husband Andre who I have been with for 13 years and married for nearly 2! (Yes only married for 2! Took him 10 years to decide to put a ring on it!!) I don’t know how I’m not 10ft underground by now as i’ll admit, i’m a total raging nightmare. But secretly quite proud of it!! We have 2 super cute little boys called River, who is 5 and Forrest, who is 8 months old! By day I’m a mummy and self proclaimed domestic goddess (andre may beg to differ) and by night I’m a crazy dance teacher! I run my own dance studio with my business partner Hannah in central derby called “Hannah Alexandra Academy of Dance & Performance”. I spend all day with my boys, then at night I spend it with 375 kids ranging from 18 months – 18 years…..told you I’m crazy!! I mean who would willingly want to do that?! That would be me….lady with the big nose. Anyway il do a piece on that one later (not my nose the dance school).


River, my 5 year old. Well….he’s one on his bloody own. I have no idea where the hell he came from. Well i do, and it bloody hurt and i’ve got the war wounds to prove it but you definitely don’t want to see that!! River is from another planet. I’m pretty sure about it, i think he came from the same planet as my younger sister Georgia. They are 2 peas in strange green pod. He has the wildest imagination i’ve ever known a child to have. At the age of 5 i’ve already come to know that google is now my best friend, i’ve downloaded the app and everything. He out smarts me on a day to day basis. He even asked in the sweetest voice a few weeks back, “Mummy, do you think you might need to go back to school?”. I didn’t even answer because my reply was most definitely YES! YES RIVER I’M A COMPLETE THICKO AND NO I DON’T KNOW WHY THE MOON COMES OUT AT NIGHT AND THE SUN RISES IN THE MORNING. I mean, i’ll admit i’m thick as 2 short planks and if your looking for a well spelt blog with fabulous grammar and punctuation then you definitely need to exit now and never ever return. Anyway, River. Apart from being hilariously funny, he is the kindest, most well behaved, loving, sensitive, caring and thoughtful little man ever. I am one of those annoying parents who has an angel child. He’s never naughty or rude, he’s just a little angel who rocks DM’s with an imagination like Roald Dahl on magic mushrooms!! He’s my little ray of sunshine and my best friend and i wouldn’t change any of his weird and wonderful ways.

Then along came Forrest. He’s been on this earth 8 months and don’t i know it!! Right from the pregnancy i knew i was in for a treat. Everyone always says ‘you never get 2 the same’. I always thought, oh no, i’ll have 2 angels. Boy was i wrong. My little forrest is the happiest smiliest baby ever, but i just know he’s going to the cheeky one. He gives me this look. A look like he knows what’s going on. A look like he’s been on this earth before. I sadly lost my dad nearly 8 years ago now, but let’s not OD on my first blog! Anyway, for those that knew my dad, he was a windup! He was hilariously funny! A charmer! And he had this twinkle in his eye that everyone called the PG twinkle. Forrest most definitely has that PG twinkle so i dread what we have in store!! At 6 months he was half crawling and pulling himself up on things. He was eating 3 meals a day and learnt to fake cry immediately followed by a big belly giggle. He’s either going to be a little bugger or win Oscars and make me millions. He’s going to keep us on our toes that’s for sure. But we love him so much and look forward to living life on the edge!!

And lastly but most definitely not least that brings me onto my final tribe member. My Husband Andre. We first got together when i was 16 and he was 19. We met at the Television workshop in nottingham and actually performed in a play together called ‘Dark of the Moon’. He was the witch boy (the lead!!) and i was the fair witch. My sister in law played the dark witch. At one point in the play we had to do the most bizarre witch dance. I think that’s what did it. NOT!! We often laugh and cringe at this moment of our life. But anywhere here we are now, 13 years later with a lovely house and 2 beautiful boys. We got married on July 1st 2015 on Central Park in NYC and it was perfect in every way. I’ll save that to bore you with another time. Andre is the best. I know i mentioned before, but i genuinely have no clue how he puts up with me. I’m a nightmare. But he does, so i must be doing something right. Although some people think Andre is quite quiet and reserved, he most definitely isn’t. I mean come on he once performed a witch dance with me dressed in rags whilst i was dressed as a ragged witch!! We kind of have the same child like sense of humour. We laugh at each other till our stomachs hurt. He’s been with me through the best parts of my life and the lowest points and i love him more than he will ever know. He is my bestest friend. Andre however is so laid back he’s virtually horizontal. Nothing fazes him. Ever. He works really hard and although his job might drive me insane at times, i’m so proud of him and am so glad my boys have someone so great to look upto. Exactly how a man, husband and dad should be. He’s my Mr perfect and i thank my lucky stars that all those years ago i got that bloody part of the fair witch!!!!


And me? I’m just alex!! In my own little wonderland!! For those that know me will laugh that i’ve started a blog. Like, really laugh. I often think my life is a secret TV show, like the truman show, and that one day i’m going to catch a film crew hiding somewhere. But i’ve also been told that is a sign of complete madness, so it kind of all makes sense. I love Disney, probably a bit too much. i’ve most definitely pushed it on my children who are now as obsessed as me. Andre was once an rap loving Eminem freak, even he now loves a trip to Disney World and a Disney movie on Tv when given the chance. I love shopping and Andres bank balance knows that. Hence why he takes the cards off me and gives me pocket money like a child. Sometimes when he checks the online banking, i literally get the cold sweats. Literally pace the room thinking of some great conversation to change the subject too. Literally i have been known to strip naked…..anything to stop him going through the bloody bank statements. I love home decor. I love dancing and musical theatre. If you get in my car you have 2 options to listen to, either some kind of Disney CD, or mine and River’s collection of Musical Theatre CD’s. It’s like a full scale musical production to school every morning. I dread to think what the parents think of me, or even worse what they hear of me belting “When Verucca Says” at the top of my lungs at 8.45am! At the moment our favourite is “Charlie and The Chocolate Factory’. River obviously bagged the part of Charlie Bucket so i switch between roles of Verucca Salt (type casting at it’s very best) and Willy Wonka.

So here I am. Just Alex, in her own little Wonderland.
Instagram – alex_in_wonderland_1705

“Those who don’t believe in Magic will never find it” – Roald Dahl

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